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Frequently Asked Questions

Member Panel

1. Sign-up PG-Pay gold saving account using this link https://pg-pay.com/signup

2. Sign-up as a member as shown in the screenshot and click Register

3. Login to your e-mail and click on the link for Verification

4. To login to your account, go to https://pg-pay.com/login to enter e-mail and password and click Sign in

5. Install Google Authenticator on your phone

6. Once you login, remember the first thing you need to do is configure the 2FA

7. Click Activate

8. Use your Google Authenticator app from your mobile and Scan the QR code with your phone camera. Then enter 6 Digit Authentication Code from Google Authenticator and click Activate virtual 2FA

9. Congratulations!, you have successfully activated 2FA on your account.

10. Edit profile to enter your address, select bank name, bank account no and image of front bank statement with your full name / company name and bank account number. If you register under company, please attach image of Bizfile certificate.

11. Click Save

12. Double check all your details are correct.