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What is PGTS?

- Raised funds to create PG-Pay and Gold ATMS
- Allows investors/users to purchase Gold on PureGold Website
- Trade on cryptocurrency exchanges for a profit
- Token holders will get incentives based on an x% of tokens that they are holding

What is Gold ATM?

- People can buy Gold at the ATM using Credit Cards or Cryptocurrency
- There are currently 3 machines deployed and 7 more in the process
- ATM’s located at Singapore Cruise centre and Resort World Sentosa
- An x% sales from the ATM’s will be distributed among PGTS token holders

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What is PG-Pay?

- Users can buy gold at 2% above spot price
- Users can sell gold at 0.5% below spot price
- Users can use Gold as a form of payment at various merchants
- Users Gold are stored in a Trusted 3rd Party called Loomis International
- A portion of transaction fees will be given back to PGTS token holders as incentives